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2014 in Films: A 365 New-To-Me Films Year-End Recap

While I watched less films this year than I have in several years, I saw so many films this year that I truly loved (and a few dogs!). I also watched a lot of television (Hannibal, The Leftovers, Outlander, You’re the Worst, Boardwalk Empire (RIP!), The Knick, Louieblack-ish and Jane The Virgin are all worth your time!) and read 60 books! I also added a new feature to the site: Female Filmmaker Friday. You can read all of those pieces here. After the cut is my list of 365 new-to-me films I watched in 2014 (46 of which were directed by women), as well as a few highlights.

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Female Filmmaker Friday: Love & Basketball, 2000 (dir. Gina Prince-Bythewood)

Somehow I missed this film when it was first in theaters and just saw it for the first time a few weeks back at a screening at the Cinefamily with writer/director Gina Prince-Bythewood in attendance. This look at the film will be partially my thoughts on the film and a some of the insights she shared with the audience during the Q&A after the film. There will be some plot spoilers.


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Movie Quote of the Day – Love & Basketball, 2000 (dir. Gina Prince-Bythewood)


Monica: I’ll play you.
Quincy: What?
Monica: One game, one-on-one.
Quincy: For what?
Monica: Your heart.

Female Filmmaker Friday: Something New, 2006 (dir. Sanaa Hamri)

I actually talked a little bit about this film earlier this week on my new video series on YouTube, but I wanted to write about it as well because I fell head over heels for this film. It was written by Kriss Turner and directed by Sanaa Hamri and as far as I can tell, this is both women’s only feature film to date, which is a real shame. This film follows the rom-com structure perfectly, but is also full of wonderfully layered characters and packed with social/racial commentary.

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Movie Quote of the Day – Something New, 2006 (dir. Sanaa Hamri)


Brian: I want to be there for you, Kenya, I really do. And we can talk. We can talk about whatever you like. I may not always relate, but I can promise I’ll empathize. Can you trust that?