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Movie Quote of the Day – Lust For Gold, 1949 (dir. S. Sylvan Simon)


Julia: A man named Jacob Waltz has just arrive in town. I want to meet him.
Pete: Why?
Julia: He’s discovered gold.
Pete: What do you want to meet him for? I’ve got a right to know!
Julia: Really? Well, I have a right to some things too! Like being sick and tired of running a bakery.
Pete: Now, wait a minute, Julia!
Julia: You’ve had four years to do something about getting me out of here, Pete.
Pete: I’ve had bad luck! I’m doing the best I can.
Julia: Yes, you’ve done very well. Have you been able to keep a job? Have you replaced our savings you so cleverly invested in grazing lands no animal could live on? Have you, Pete?
Pete: That wasn’t my fault! I got swindled!
Julia: No, I got swindled! So now you’re going to bring that man here.
Pete: Oh no, I won’t, Julia!
Julia: Yes, you will. There’s still that unsolved murder in Milwaukee.
Pete: Alright.
Julia: Good. Of course, he’s not to know I’m married to you.