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Movie Quote of the Day – A Woman’s Secret, 1949 (dir. Nicholas Ray)


Luke Jordan: You said something about “Ever since you came to New York.” Where do you come from?
Susan Caldwell: Azusa. Azusa, California.
Luke Jordan: Azusa?
Susan Caldwell: It’s kind of a made-up word. Different letters. They put them together. Everything from A to Z. USA. AZUSA.
Luke Jordan: I still don’t get it. What does the USA stand for?
Susan Caldwell: United States of America. Everybody knows that.

Movie Quote of the Day – Shockproof, 1949 (dir. Douglas Sirk)


Jenny Marsh: Maybe I’m no good, but I do love you.

Movie Quote of the Day – Thieves’ Highway, 1949 (dir. Jules Dassin)


Nico ‘Nick’ Garcos: Soft hands.
Rica: Sharp nails.
Nico ‘Nick’ Garcos: You like to make tough, huh?
Rica: I am tough.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Woman on Pier 13, 1949 (dir. Robert Stevenson)


Bradley Collins: Bring the lady a Ward 8.
Waiter: Ward 8, sir?
Bradley Collins: Three fingers of bourbon and beer for a chaser.
Christine Norman: Use the imported beer.

Movie Quote of the Day – Lust For Gold, 1949 (dir. S. Sylvan Simon)


Julia: A man named Jacob Waltz has just arrive in town. I want to meet him.
Pete: Why?
Julia: He’s discovered gold.
Pete: What do you want to meet him for? I’ve got a right to know!
Julia: Really? Well, I have a right to some things too! Like being sick and tired of running a bakery.
Pete: Now, wait a minute, Julia!
Julia: You’ve had four years to do something about getting me out of here, Pete.
Pete: I’ve had bad luck! I’m doing the best I can.
Julia: Yes, you’ve done very well. Have you been able to keep a job? Have you replaced our savings you so cleverly invested in grazing lands no animal could live on? Have you, Pete?
Pete: That wasn’t my fault! I got swindled!
Julia: No, I got swindled! So now you’re going to bring that man here.
Pete: Oh no, I won’t, Julia!
Julia: Yes, you will. There’s still that unsolved murder in Milwaukee.
Pete: Alright.
Julia: Good. Of course, he’s not to know I’m married to you.

Movie Quote of the Day – Knock On Any Door, 1949 (dir. Nicholas Ray)


Nick Romano: Live fast, die young, have a good-looking corpse.

Movie Quote of the Day – A Letter To Three Wives, 1949 (dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz)


Mrs. Finney: Can’t we have peace in this house even on New Year’s Eve?
Sadie: You got it mixed up with Christmas. New Year’s Eve is when people go back to killing each other.

Movie Quote of the Day – Flamingo Road, 1949 (dir. Michael Curtiz)


Fielding Carlisle: Isn’t it about time he asked you to marry him?
Lane Bellamy: Did you?
Fielding Carlisle: That was different.
Lane Bellamy: Yes, it was, Field. I was in love with you.

Movie Quote of the Day – Criss Cross, 1949 (dir. Robert Siodmak)


Anna: All those things that happened to us. . .everything that went before. . .you’ll forget it. You’ll see. I’ll make you forget it. After it’s done, after it’s all over and we’re safe, it’ll be just you and me. You and me, the way it should’ve been all along from the start.

Movie Quote of the Day – Holiday Affair, 1949 (dir. Don Hartman)


Steve Mason: You were married to a man you were in love with once, you ought to know it’s impossible to be safe and secure when you’re in love. What are you trying to do, crawl into a gave and hide from everything that’s going to stir you up?
Connie Ennis: If I want to.
Steve Mason: That’s a neat trick if you can get away with it, but I don’t think you can. Life is going to crawl right down there with you and kick your teeth in.
Connie Ennis: I’ll manage all right.
Steve Mason: You gotta take everything that’s coming to you, Connie. All the surprises, good and bad.
Connie Ennis: I can’t afford surprises.
Steve Mason: Every surprise isn’t a telegram from the War Department, you know.