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Movie Quote of the Day – Make Way For Tomorrow, 1937 (dir. Leo McCarey)

Barkley Cooper: In case. . .I don’t see you again. . .
Lucy Cooper: What?
Barkley Cooper: Well, anything might happen. The train could jump off the tracks. If it should happen that I don’t see you again, it’s been very nice knowing you, Miss Breckenridge.
Lucy Cooper: Bark, that’s probably the prettiest speech you ever made. And in case I don’t see you ag. . .well, for a little while. I just want to tell you, it’s been lovely, every bit of it, the whole fifty years. I’d sooner have been your wife, Bark, than anyone else on Earth.
Barkley Cooper: Thank you, Lucy.

Movie Quote of the Day – Rain, 1932 (dir. Lewis Milestone)

Mrs. Davidson: I’m sorry for him and I’m sorry for you
Sadie Thompson: And I’m sorry for the whole world, I guess.