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Movie Quote of the Day – The Bells of St. Mary’s, 1945 (dir. Leo McCarey)


Sister Mary Benedict: If we don’t fail sometimes, our successes won’t mean anything. You must have courage. Don’t give up.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Awful Truth, 1937 (dir. Leo McCarey)


Jerry Warriner: What did you tell him? That our cars broke down and we had to spend the night at your apartment because it was the taxi strike?
Lucy Warriner: No, no, I didn’t tell him that. I told him the truth. And, strangely enough, he believed me.
Jerry Warriner: Oh.
Lucy Warriner: Yes, it was very refreshing.

Movie Quote of the Day – Make Way For Tomorrow, 1937 (dir. Leo McCarey)

Barkley Cooper: In case. . .I don’t see you again. . .
Lucy Cooper: What?
Barkley Cooper: Well, anything might happen. The train could jump off the tracks. If it should happen that I don’t see you again, it’s been very nice knowing you, Miss Breckenridge.
Lucy Cooper: Bark, that’s probably the prettiest speech you ever made. And in case I don’t see you ag. . .well, for a little while. I just want to tell you, it’s been lovely, every bit of it, the whole fifty years. I’d sooner have been your wife, Bark, than anyone else on Earth.
Barkley Cooper: Thank you, Lucy.

Movie Quote of the Day – My Favorite Wife, 1940 (dir. Garson Kanin)

Ellen Wagstaff Arden: You sure you don’t love her?
Nick Arden
: The moment I saw you I knew. . .
Ellen Wagstaff Arden: I bet you say that to all your wives.
Nick Arden: I could strangle you. . .

Movie Quote of the Day – An Affair To Remember, 1957 (dir. Leo McCarey)

Terry McKay: Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories. [beat] We’ve already missed the Spring.
Nickie Ferrante: We have. [beat] I think this is probably my last chance.
Terry McKay: Mine too.