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Movie Quote of the Day – Camilla, 1994 (dir. Deepa Mehta)


Camilla: I married Ivor when I was 17. He died when I was 53. The arithmetic alludes me, but that is a goddamned long time to be locked in a loveless marriage.

Movie Quote of the Day – It Could Happen to You, 1994 (dir. Andrew Bergman)

Yvonne Biasi: Because of me, you have nothing.
Charlie Lang: Because of you, I have you. Why can’t you understand that? If you don’t want me, that’s different. If you don’t want me, I’ll walk right out that door and you’ll never see me again.

Movie Quote of the Day – Singles, 1992 (dir. Cameron Crowe)

Cliff: Hey.
Janet: Hey. Going out?
Cliff: Yep. You?
Janet: Yeah.
Cliff: That’s a very nice hat, and I don’t mean that in an Eddie Haskell kind of way.
Janet: Thanks.
[Janet sneezes]
Cliff: Bless you.
Janet: Thank you.
Cliff: Does everybody go through this?
Janet: No, I think, just us.