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Movie Quote of the Day – Don’t Bother to Knock, 1952 (dir. Roy Ward Baker)


Eddie Forbes: What’s the smile about?
Nell Forbes: You seem so different in those clothes.
Eddie Forbes: I’m different all the time.


Noirvember, New Releases and Reaching 1000+ New-To-Me Films

November was a great month of film watching for me.Or should I say, Noirvember. How did y’all do with your film noir watching last month? I managed to watch thirty new-to-me noirs (roughly one a day, though some days I couldn’t watch one, so I made it up by watching two on others). I’ve indicated below which films are the film noir ones with a (fn) after the title. I also watch several new releases in theaters, though I will admit none of them made it into my “featured” section this month. Mostly that’s because I watched a 2011 release – on PBS – that I liked more. The Woody Allen documentary they aired as part of their American Masters series was utterly too fantastic and yes, I am counting it as a film because it played like a film and if it weren’t on PBS it could have been a stand-alone film for sure. In terms of films at the Castro, I also saw lots of great films (though only three new-to-me): Rebel Without A Cause, Bigger Than Life (new-to-me), In A Lonely Place, Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters, Than Man Who Fell To Earth (new-to-me), FernGully: The Last Rain Forest, Romancing The Stone (new-to-me), Ishtar, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Deconstructing Harry, Stardust Memories and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. This was a great month for me and Woody Allen.  I also reached 1000 new-to-me films (you can read about that feat here). Actually, I ended the month with 1051 I believe. What a year for movie watching! As always, the list of all the films are after cut, as well as my five “featured” films.

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