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Movie Quote of the Day – Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, 1993 (dir. Rob Cohen)


Gussie Yang: Sit down. Two weeks pay. Two weeks severance.
Bruce Lee: What’s this?
Gussie Yang: All-purpose loan. You got a lot of money, Lee. What you going to do?
Bruce Lee: I guess I’d better–
Gussie Yang: I tell you what to do. Take April on the town. Buy her nice clothes. Check into big hotel. Have lots of sex. Have food brought up to you in bed. Drink champagne and whiskey. Now money all gone. April be gone, too, like money. You come back to me. I put you in kitchen, wash dishes to pay back loan. By that time you’re no longer young, you’re no longer handsome. That one choice. There are others.
Bruce Lee: Like what?
Gussie Yang: They say education is good. Hmm. I’ve heard that. Me, personally I hope you go with April. I can always use a good. . . dishwasher!

Movie Quote of the Day – Enemy Mine, 1985 (dir. Wolfgang Petersen)


Davidge: “If one receives evil from another, let one not do evil in return. Rather, let him extend love to the enemy, that love might unite them.” I’ve heard all this before. . .in the human Taalmaan.
Jerry: Of course you have. Truth is truth.


Movie Quote of the Day – Merlin, 1998 (dir. Steve Barron )


Nimue: You’ve grown older.
Merlin: You too.
Nimue: Does it even matter?
Merlin: No. Not anymore.