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Movie Quote of the Day – Unexpected, 2015 (dir. Kris Swanberg)


Samantha: If just wish I could have taken this job. It would have been so perfect for me?
Carolyn: Would have really? You would have to leave your baby with someone else while you worked. That’s really tough to do, trust me.
Samantha: You worked when I was a baby.
Carolyn: I know, and I loved my job but it was still really tough for me not to be with you. As much as I wish it weren’t true, it’s a sacrifice either way, whether you go to work or you stay home. But let me tell you, it’s so worth it. You’re gonna be a great mom.

Movie Quote of the Day – Ordinary People, 1980 (dir. Robert Redford)


Jeannine: What kind of music do you like?
Conrad “Con” Jarrett: Oh, uh. . .modern jazz. I like folk rock. . .spoon on a glass.
Jeannine: Spoon on a glass? Oh, you mean, like, table spoons? Oh dear. Why do I ask dumb questions? I’m just showing off. Why is it so hard the first time you talk to somebody?
Conrad “Con” Jarrett: You make it look easy.
Jeannine: Really?

Movie Quote of the Day – Racing With The Moon, 1984 (dir. Richard Benjamin)


Henry ‘Hopper’ Nash: In the last few weeks, being around you I think about things.
Caddie Winger: Like what sort of things?
Henry ‘Hopper’ Nash: Coming back.