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Movie Quote of the Day – Behind Locked Doors, 1948 (dir. Budd Boetticher)


Dr. Porter: Larson! Stop that!
Larson: I was just giving the Champ a workout.
Dr. Porter: I told you a dozen times not to abuse the patients!

Movie Quote of the Day – Shock, 1946 (dir. Alfred L. Werker)

Nurse Elaine Jordan: You’re not sorry, are you?
Dr. Richard Cross: I wish I’d called the police. I lost my head! I didn’t mean to kill her! There was no premeditation! But now I’ve concealed her body, I’ve shipped the trunk to my lodge. . .you know as well as I do there’s only one answer for that! I shouldn’t have listened to you, Elaine!
Nurse Elaine Jordan: Think darling, what would have happened if you’d called the police? Manslaughter means twenty years. What would that have done to you? To us?
Dr. Richard Cross: I don’t know.
Nurse Elaine Jordan: Would you have wanted it that way? Now no one knows. We’re safe.
Dr. Richard Cross: You’re forgetting Janet Stewart, aren’t you? She knows. What if she talks?
Nurse Elaine Jordan: I haven’t forgotten her. She can’t tell what she’s seen as long as she’s in this condition, can she?
Dr. Richard Cross: The shock will wear off in a couple of weeks at the most.
Nurse Elaine Jordan: It will wear off if you let it, Dick.