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Movie Quote of the Day – Outrage, 1950 (dir. Ida Lupino)


Rev. Bruce Ferguson: Ann, we all have to stop running sometime. We have to face ourselves. And look at the world all over again.

Movie Quote of the Day – Behind Locked Doors, 1948 (dir. Budd Boetticher)


Dr. Porter: Larson! Stop that!
Larson: I was just giving the Champ a workout.
Dr. Porter: I told you a dozen times not to abuse the patients!

Movie Quote of the Day – The Naked City, 1948 (dir. Jules Dassin)


Pete Backalis: I done a lot of things but I never killed nobody. . .Gonna stay drunk for a long time. . .don’t know what I’m gonna say to God when my time comes. He’s got a big heart, I’m told, but He don’t like–
Willie Garza: [knocks him over the head] Thought you were off the liquor. Liquor is bad. Weakens your character. How can a man like me trust a liar like you? I can’t.