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Movie Quote of the Day – Seabiscuit, 2003 (dir. Gary Ross)

Reporter: Awful lotta hoopla for such a little horse.
Red Pollard: Though he be but little, he is fierce.
Reporter: What’s that?
Red Pollard: That’s Shakespeare, boys, Shakespeare.

Movie Quote of the Day – Pleasantville, 1998 (dir. Gary Ross)

George: Where’s my dinner? [searches kitchen] Where’s my dinner? [goes outside] Where’s my dinner?!

Movie Quote of the Day – Big, 1988 (dir. Penny Marshall)

Billy: So what do they make you do for all this?
Josh: Well, I play with all of this stuff and then I tell them what I think.
Billy: And they pay you for that?
Josh: Yeah.
Billy: Suckers!