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Japanese Cinema Blogathon: For The Love of Gojira

This is m y third contribution to the Japanese Cinema Blogathon for earthquake and tsunami relief. While I may lack experience in Japanese cinema when it comes to Miyazaki, Kurosawa, etc., I have plenty of experience with Godzilla (Gojira) films. As a kid I used to just LOVE watching these films. When I decided to write about my love of these films I thought I’d look and see just how many I’d seen. As it turns out, I have seen 15. One would think that is a lot; one would be wrong. There are actually 28 films in the series, not counting spin-offs (like 1956’s Rodan or 1961’s Mothra). Still, 15 is a pretty hefty number. And I don’t even plan on talking about the Hanna-Barbera animated series that ran from 1978-1981 (I’ve seen all  of that as well).

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