Japanese Cinema Blogathon: Let The Blogging Begin!

Welcome to the Japanese Cinema blogathon to help aid the recent natural disasters in Japan, hosted by JapanCinema and CinemaFanatic.

If you’ve written a post for the blogathon, leave a link to it in the comments section and I will add it to the ongoing list below. Don’t forget to add a link to the donation page in your post and feel free to use one of these banners on your blog. Also, please link back to this post so your readers can see all the participating blogs.

Tuesday, March 15th:

Wednesday, March 16th:

Thursday, March 17th:

Friday, March 18th:

Saturday, March 19th:

Sunday, March 20th

Monday, March 21st


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  1. Just posted a review on Kurosawa’s HIGH AND LOW.


    This is a great idea. Our prays and best wishes go out to the Japanese people.

  2. http://thechosenjuan.tumblr.com/post/3876501779/spirited-away-sen-to-chihiro-no

    Just wrote this up between last night and this morning. Glad to participate in this~

  3. Here is a link to my input for the blogathon. Its not much but its filled with love.


    Happy to have taking part.

  4. http://losingsightofland.wordpress.com/2011/03/15/my-neighbor-totoro/

    Thanks for setting this up! It’s a great way to help Japan, and also to establish more networking among bloggers that enjoy quality movies. I’m glad to be able to help spread the word.

  5. I am totally doing this! My first post, a review of Kurutta Ippeji (1926), is right this-a way. Help Japan!

  6. Our review on “The 13 Steps of Maki” (1975)

  7. Got another one for you! My review of Miyazaki’s “Porco Rosso” (1992) http://garbolaughs.wordpress.com/2011/03/17/porco-rosso-1992/

  8. Here is my #3: a post about Asian horror & the use of the bag trope in Audition to synthesize numerous genre expectations and conflicts, lol. have fun summing that up. 😀 I just called the post “What’s in the bag?”

  9. This is a wonderful idea.

    My blog is Silent Stanzas, and I’ve written about Sessue Hayakawa, Japanese movie star:


  10. come on guys! I know you can make it~ 100 non-YAM Magazine posts by the end of the blogathon~

  11. I’d like to offer my reviews to this:
    Howl’s Moving Castle – http://www.goseetalk.com/?p=7797

    Tales From Earth Sea – http://www.goseetalk.com/?p=7734

    And Go,See,Talk’s entire Miyazaki Madness Tournament: http://www.goseetalk.com/?p=7750

  12. Oh, did we forget to send this one?

  13. My weekly column on the Criterion Collection’s Eclipse Series will publish tomorrow at 3 p.m. EDT, Noon PDT. This week I’m reviewing Kurosawa’s No Regrets for Our Youth. Here’s a shortlink, but it won’t work until the article is published. Thanks!


  14. I just came here to comment with my new post, but it looks like my blog did it for me! Can you believe together we reviewed 12 Studio Ghibli films and NOBODY overlapped? Incredible!

  15. Hello! I’m joining the Blogathon, too. Here’s my entry for Sunday:


    This post is about a connection between Hayao Miyazaki’s movie Ponyo, and the 1963 Toei Doga movie, Wan Wan Chushingura, which was the very first movie Miyazaki worked on. Let me know what you think.

    And if anyone needs a banner for the blogathon, feel free to use the one I created. It’s a scene from Horus, Prince of the Sun

  16. And late, last, but I hope not least, my own contribution to the blogathon, about a child’s journey with a celestial battleship and train…


  17. So… what’s the post count? =D How much is YAM donating?

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