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Movie Quote of the Day – Night Train to Munich, 1940 (dir. Carol Reed)


Kampenfeldt: It’s been reported to me that you’ve been heard expressing sentiments hostile to the fatherland!
Schwab: What – me, sir?
Kampenfeldt: I warn you, Schwab, this treasonable conduct will lead you to a concentration camp.
Schwab: But, sir, what did I say?
Kampenfeldt: You were distinctly heard to remark, “This is a fine country to live in.”
Schwab: Oh no, sir. There’s some mistake. What I said was, “This is a FINE country to live in!”
Kampenfeldt: Uh? You sure?
Schwab: Yes, sir.
Kampenfeldt: Huh. I see. Well in future don’t make remarks that can be taken two ways. Much wiser not to talk politics at all.