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Movie Quote of the Day – Trapeze, 1956 (dir. Carol Reed)


Tino Orsini: You know, I always modeled my style after yours.
Mike Ribble: You’ll always be a second-rater. Make your own style!

Movie Quote of the Day – Our Man In Havana, 1959 (dir. Carol Reed)


Capt. Segura: The engineer does not belong to the torturable class.
Beatrice: Are there class distinctions in torture?
Capt. Segura: Some people expect to be tortured. Others are outraged by it. One never tortures except by mutual agreement.
Beatrice: Who agrees?
Capt. Segura: Usually the poor. In your welfare state you have social security, therefore you have no poor. Consequently there you are untorturable.

Movie Quote of the Day – Night Train to Munich, 1940 (dir. Carol Reed)


Kampenfeldt: It’s been reported to me that you’ve been heard expressing sentiments hostile to the fatherland!
Schwab: What – me, sir?
Kampenfeldt: I warn you, Schwab, this treasonable conduct will lead you to a concentration camp.
Schwab: But, sir, what did I say?
Kampenfeldt: You were distinctly heard to remark, “This is a fine country to live in.”
Schwab: Oh no, sir. There’s some mistake. What I said was, “This is a FINE country to live in!”
Kampenfeldt: Uh? You sure?
Schwab: Yes, sir.
Kampenfeldt: Huh. I see. Well in future don’t make remarks that can be taken two ways. Much wiser not to talk politics at all.

Movie Quote of the Day – Odd Man Out, 1947 (dir. Carol Reed)

Lukey: There’s something to be said about him before he dies.
Tober: And about all of us.
Lukey: I can see it, Tober.
Tober: Take care; you might find something you don’t understand that’ll frighten you.
Lukey: I understand what I see in him.
Tober: What is it?
Lukey: It’s the truth about us all.
Tober: Is that all?
Lukey: He’s doomed.
Tober: So are we all.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Third Man, 1949 (dir. Carol Reed)

Holly Martins: Heard of Harry Lime?
Crabbin: Well, I’ve heard of him, of course, but I don’t exactly know him.
Holly Martins: I was going to stay with him, but he died Thursday.
Crabbin: Goodness, that’s awkward.
Holly Martins: Is that what you say to people after death? “Goodness that’s awkward…”