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Female Filmmaker Friday Podcast: Episode 1 – Jane Campion


I’m very excited to be bringing Female Filmmaker Friday back! This time, however, it’s back in the form of a podcast. To launch my very first podcast I decided I must start with one of my favorite film directors: Jane Campion! I really love her work and it was so much fun to talk about her filmography with two of my favorite film lovers: Justine Smith and Kristen Sales! I hope you enjoying listening to this conversation as much as I did having it!

Check back in two weeks when Lady P from Flixwise and I discuss the work of Ida Lupino!


A Year With Women: September 2015 In Films

So September was a bit of a tumultuous month for me. At the beginning of the month I had a wisdom tooth extracted and towards the end of the month I got into a car accident (relatively minor), so between those two things I did not watch a film a day. It was also the end of the Dorothy Arzner retrospective at UCLA, and not only did I get to see two of her films I’d never seen before, I also got to see two of my favorite films in 35mm (Merrily We Go To Hell and The Bride Wore Red). Regardless of the month’s ups and downs, I did watch several films I really loved (and one I really hated). As always, find the complete list after the cut, as well as a few of my favorites.


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Movie Quote of the Day – In The Cut, 2003 (dir. Jane Campion)


Pauline: You know, I can remember every guy I ever fucked by how he liked to do it, not how I wanted to do it. Sometimes I think it’s just me. I mean, are other women able to say: “Suck my dick, pinch my nipples, bend over the sofa”?
Frannie: Probably not “suck my dick.”