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Female Filmmaker Friday Podcast: Episode 1 – Jane Campion


I’m very excited to be bringing Female Filmmaker Friday back! This time, however, it’s back in the form of a podcast. To launch my very first podcast I decided I must start with one of my favorite film directors: Jane Campion! I really love her work and it was so much fun to talk about her filmography with two of my favorite film lovers: Justine Smith and Kristen Sales! I hope you enjoying listening to this conversation as much as I did having it!

Check back in two weeks when Lady P from Flixwise and I discuss the work of Ida Lupino!


Movie Quote of the Day – Sweetie, 1989 (dir. Jane Campion)


Kay: What if it does die?
Louis: What?
Kay: The tree.
Louis: Well, we’ll get another one.
Kay: Yeah, but this is our tree.
Louis: Look, it’s not gonna die. The roots grow really strong. They can split concrete.

Female Filmmaker Friday: Sweetie, 1989 (dir. Jane Campion)

I saw this for the first time a few weeks back. It is Jane Campion’s feature film debut and it is fucking gorgeously shot. Shout out to cinematographer Sally Bongers for capturing Campion’s unique vision! It’s also really fucking bittersweet and strange. That said, I don’t really want to spoil the twists and turns too much, so mostly I’m going to focus this week on some arresting shots that have haunted me for the last few weeks.



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Women Are Best! June 2014 in Films

Another month where I didn’t manage to watch a movies a day, though I did watch all four season of Louie, in which time I could have probably watched like ten movies. I also had some person problems with my cat, Mr. Rochester, who is doing much better! And I was out-of-town for four days for a wedding. That said, I watched quite a few great films this past month. I wish I had the energy to write about them all! As always, after the cut is a list of all the films I watched and a few highlights. Oh, and yesterday was my birthday!


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