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Movie Quote of the Day – Anchors Aweigh, 1945 (dir. George Sidney)


Clarence Doolittle: She’s wonderful. She’s just about the loveliest. . .Only, you know something? I can never talk to her. I can never talk to girls at all. I never know what to say.
The Girl From Brooklyn: What’s the matter with you? You’re talking to me, ain’t you?
Clarence Doolittle: Oh, you. . .Oh, I mean. . .I mean, you’re different. You’re from Brooklyn.

Movie Quote of the Day – Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, 1960 (dir. Charles Walters)


Kate Robinson Mackay: How do you like it, huh?
David Mackay: Looks like it’s out of Ivanhoe.
Larry Mackay: It’s much older than that.
Gabriel Mackay: How come it’s so big?
Kate Robinson Mackay: Because we couldn’t afford anything smaller.

Movie Quote of the Day – Funny Girl, 1968 (dir. William Wyler)

Fanny Brice: Hello, gorgeous.