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Movie Quote of the Day – Strange Illusion, 1945 (dir. Edgar G. Ulmer)


George: Nice girls aren’t supposed to take jewelry from strange men.
Dorothy: He’s not a strange man.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Great Flamarion, 1945 (dir. Anthony Mann)


Al Wallace: Honey, no matter what you do, you’re the only dame for me. You’re a bad habit I can’t cure, even if I wanted to.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Lady Confesses, 1945 (dir. Sam Newfield)


Lucky Brandon: Don’y you think you’re going overboard? Not that I object to buying a drink, but that stuff isn’t exactly a tonic.
Larry Craig: A guy doesn’t live forever.
Lucky Brandon: What are you celebrating, a long life or an early death?
Larry Craig: Don’y you worry about me, Lucky. I can handle my liquor.
Lucky Brandon: Yeah, looks like it.
Larry Craig: Just as good as you can handle your women.
Lucky Brandon: I don’t mix my women with Scotch.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Bells of St. Mary’s, 1945 (dir. Leo McCarey)


Sister Mary Benedict: If we don’t fail sometimes, our successes won’t mean anything. You must have courage. Don’t give up.

Movie Quote of the Day – Anchors Aweigh, 1945 (dir. George Sidney)


Clarence Doolittle: She’s wonderful. She’s just about the loveliest. . .Only, you know something? I can never talk to her. I can never talk to girls at all. I never know what to say.
The Girl From Brooklyn: What’s the matter with you? You’re talking to me, ain’t you?
Clarence Doolittle: Oh, you. . .Oh, I mean. . .I mean, you’re different. You’re from Brooklyn.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Clock, 1945 (dir. Vincente Minnelli)


Alice Mayberry: Suppose we hadn’t met?
Corporal Joe Allen: We couldn’t have not met.

Movie Quote of the Day – My Name Is Julia Ross, 1945 (dir. Joseph H. Lewis)


Nurse: Who’d she say you were?
Sparkes: Oh, some woman from some agency. Last week she thought I was the Queen.
Nurse: Comin’ down in the world, aren’t you?

Movie Quote of the Day – Les enfants du paradis (Children of Paradise), 1945 (dir. Marcel Carné)


Baptiste: I love you. Garance, do you love me?
Garance: You talk like a child. People love that way in books, in dreams. Not in real life.
Baptiste: Dreams, life. . .they’re the same. Else life’s not worth living. But it’s not life I love. It’s you.

Movie Quote of the Day – Spellbound, 1945 (dir. Alfred Hitchcock)


John Ballantine: I don’t believe in dreams. That Freud stuff’s a bunch of hooey.
Dr. Alex Brulov: Oh, you are a fine one to talk! You have a guilt complex and amnesia and you don’t know if you are coming or going from somewhere, but Freud is hooey! *This* you know! Hmph! Wiseguy.

Movie Quote of the Day – Blithe Spirit, 1945 (dir. David Lean)


Ruth Condomine: If  I died, I wonder how long it would be before you married again.
Charles Condomine: You won’t die. You’re not the dying sort.
Ruth Condomine: Neither was Elvira.
Charles Condomine: She was, now l come to think of it. She had a certain ethereal quality. Nobody could call you even remotely ethereal.
Ruth Condomine: Nonsense. She was of the earth, earthy.
Charles Condomine: Yes, well, she is now, anyhow.
Ruth Condomine: That’s the kind of observation that shocks people.
Charles Condomine: Discouraging to think how many are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.
Ruth Condomine: Write that down. You might forget it.