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Movie Quote of the Day – I Walked With A Zombie, 1943 (dir. Jacques Tourneur)


Dr. Maxwell: She makes a beautiful zombie, doesn’t she?

From The Warner Archive: Crime Does Not Pay – The Complete Shorts Collection (1935-1947)

Prior to the Warner Archive’s releases of this collection earlier this month, I had actually never heard of these MGM-produced shorts. I have now watched all fifty of the Crime Does Not Pay shorts, and I must say I kind of really loved them. You could argue that something like these shorts is what led to the original crime procedurals like Dragnet, but also, since they are told mostly from the point of view of the criminals, something like Law and Order: Criminal Intent. If you love those shows, you will love these shorts.

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Movie Quote of the Day – Out of the Past, 1947 (dir. Jacques Tourneur)

Jeff Bailey: Nothing in the world is any good unless you can share it.