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Movie Quote of the Day – His Kind of Woman, 1951 (dir. John Farrow)


Dan Milner: I’m too young to die. How about you?
Mark Cardigan: Too well-known.
Dan Milner: Well, if you do get killed, I’ll make sure you get a first-rate funeral in Hollywood, at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.
Mark Cardigan: I’ve already had it. My last picture died there.

Movie Quote of the Day – Where Danger Lives, 1950 (dir. John Farrow)

Waiter: Here you are, sir.
Dr. Jeff Cameron: These things are like water!
Waiter: They creep up on you.
Dr. Jeff Cameron: Bring me a couple more.
Waiter: But, sir, you have four and we are only allowed two to a customer.
Dr. Jeff Cameron: Why?
Waiter: That drink makes a guy talk back to his mother-in-law.
Dr. Jeff Cameron: What about his father-in-law?
Waiter: I suppose so.
Dr. Jeff Cameron: You’ve given me an idea.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Big Clock, 1948 (dir. John Farrow)

Louise Patterson: Isn’t it a pity? The wrong people always have money.