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Movie Quote of the Day – Outrage, 1950 (dir. Ida Lupino)


Rev. Bruce Ferguson: Ann, we all have to stop running sometime. We have to face ourselves. And look at the world all over again.

Movie Quote of the Day – Dark City, 1950 (dir. William Dieterle)


Fran Garland: You’re a million miles away, Danny.
Danny Haley: I don’t know where I am.

Movie Quote of the Day – Woman on the Run, 1950 (dir. Norman Foster)


Inspector Martin Ferris: Why won’t you help us, Mrs. Johnson?
Eleanor Johnson: I’m helping! What do you want me to do?
Inspector Martin Ferris: I want you to answer a few questions.
Eleanor Johnson: Go ahead, ask.
Inspector Martin Ferris: Where does he generally go when he’s not at home?
Eleanor Johnson: I haven’t the faintest idea.
Inspector Martin Ferris: Has he any relatives in this area?
Eleanor Johnson: No.
Inspector Martin Ferris: Who are his friends?
Eleanor Johnson: I don’t know his friends. The dog is our only mutual friend.

Movie Quote of the Day – Destination Murder, 1950 (dir. Edward L. Cahn)


Laura: Aren’t you forgetting the man upstairs?
Alice: Him? What’s he got that anybody wants?
Laura: Money. Position and power. What else is there, Alice?

Movie Quote of the Day – Southside 1-1000, 1950 (dir. Boris Ingster)


Riggs: You’re pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you Deane?
Deane: As sure as death.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Second Woman, 1950 (dir. James V. Kern)


Jeff Cohalan: Ellen, you’d better go now. You’re not safe with me. Do you understand?
Ellen Foster: Suppose I don’t want to be safe?

Movie Quote of the Day – The File on Thelma Jordon, 1950 (dir. Robert Siodmak)


Thelma Jordan: Tony! You scared me!
Tony Laredo: I didn’t mean to. I hate to be an eavesdropper.

Movie Quote of the Day – Born To Be Bad, 1950 (dir. Nicholas Ray)


Nick Bradley: I love you so much I wish I liked you.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Breaking Point, 1950 (dir. Michael Curtiz)


Harry Morgan: You women – you remember everything a guy says and then you hit him with it.

Movie Quote of the Day – Armored Car Robbery, 1950 (dir. Richard Fleischer)


Lt. Jim Cordell: Aged in the glass bourbon.