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February 2020 in Films

I took a week off for vacation in the middle of the month so views are a bit low, but I saw some absolute gems in February. As always, you can see everything I watched after the cut, plus I highlighted a few favorites.

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Movie Quote of the Day – Limbo, 1999 (dir. John Sayles)


Joe: I mean what I said before. You’re really good. . .singing.
Donna: Thanks.
Joe: Especially since I’ve. . .like, I’ve never heard of you or anything.
Donna: Do you watch sports?
Joe: Basketball.
Donna: Well, there must be basketball players that are really good that you’ve never heard of.
Joe: Nope.
Donna: No?
Joe: No. If they’re professionals, and they’re really good, everybody’s heard of them.
Donna: Well, singing is different. It’s a matter of taste. Luck. Whatever.
Joe: Oh.

Movie Quote of the Day – Alligator, 1980 (dir. Lewis Teague)


Marisa: Yeah, well, what do you need me for?
David: What does anybody need anybody for? You’re the country’s leading herpetologist, you have a wonderful mind, a doctor degree, and beautiful tits.