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From The Warner Archive: CHiPs ’99, 1998 (dir. Jon Cassar)

CHiPs originally aired on NBC from 1977 through 1983. Each episode followed a fairly regular formula featuring both a comic and a melodramatic tone. I’ve seen a handful of episodes in re-runs and I vaguely remembered when this reunion film aired on TNT, though I don’t think I watched it. If you are a fan of CHiPs, you’ll enjoy CHiPS ‘ 99, recently released by the Warner Archive. If you’re not. . .well, maybe you should skip this release. Many of the cast members of the show returned for this film and there are several winks and nods and straight-up flashbacks to the series. There are also some really great celebrity cameos that make this film decidedly 90s. Well, that and the ridiculously amazing use of 90s slang to make Ponch seem old.

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