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Movie Quote of the Day – Jenny’s Wedding, 2015 (dir. Mary Agnes Donoghue)


Eddie: Everybody changes. But if you’re with the right person and they change, you meet the right person all over again.

Movie Quote of the Day – Jackie & Ryan, 2015 (dir. Ami Canaan Mann)


Jackie: You ask yourself, “How’d I get here?” You know? You chose to be here. You chose this song, not that one, that city, that condo, that loan, that man. Here you are. Here you are, you know?
Ryan: No.
Jackie: You don’t ever ask yourself how you got here?
Ryan: No.
Jackie: Not ever?
Ryan: Every day I say, “Where am I gonna go next? How am I gonna get there?”

Movie Quote of the Day – 27 Dresses, 2008 (dir. Anne Fletcher)


Jane: George appreciates me.
Casey: What good is it being appreciated if no one is naked?