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Movie Quote of the Day – Fish Tank, 2009 (dir. Andrea Arnold)


Mia: I’m leaving then.
Joanne: This is one of your CDs.
Mia: Yeah.
Joanne: Yeah, it’s alright.
Mia: Yeah. It’s Nas. He’s good. You can keep it.
Joanne: Well, go on then. Fuck off. What are you waiting for?

Female Filmmaker Friday: Fish Tank, 2009 (dir. Andrea Arnold)

I saw this one for the first time a few years back when Michael Fassbender was in all the movies and I was doing some catch up (still haven’t seen all his films, though). This one really struck a chord with me because it’s a nice riff on the Angry Young Man/Kitchen Sink/British New Wave films of the late-50s/early-60s, but with a female protagonist and a female filmmaker, which gives a whole other perspective to the angst of the youth of this socioeconomic class. Beware, there be spoilers after the cut.


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