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Movie Quote of the Day – Kiss of the Spider Woman, 1985 (dir. Hector Babenco)


Luis Molina: Have some. It’s delicious.
Valentin Arregui: No, thanks.
Luis Molina: What’s the matter? You don’t like it?
Valentin Arregui: Sure, I like it, but, no, thanks.
Luis Molina: Well, then go ahead and have some. It’s a long time till lunch.
Valentin Arregui: Can’t afford to get spoiled.
Luis Molina: Do you really think that eating this avocado will make you spoiled and weak? Enjoy what life offers you.
Valentin Arregui: What life offers me is the struggle. When you’re dedicated to that, pleasure becomes secondary.
Luis Molina: Does your girlfriend think the same thing?
Valentin Arregui: How do you know I have a girl?
Luis Molina: It’s. . .the normal thing. Does she avoid pleasure, too?
Valentin Arregui: She knows what really counts. That the most important thing is serving a cause that is noble.
Luis Molina: What kind of cause is that, one that doesn’t let you eat an avocado?
Valentin Arregui: Molina, you would never understand.
Luis Molina: Well, I understand one thing. I offer you half of my precious avocado and you throw it back in my face.
Valentin Arregui: Don’t act like that! You sound just like a —
Luis Molina: Like a what? Say it. Say it. Like a woman, you mean. What’s wrong with being like a woman? Why do only women get to be sensitive? Why not a man? A dog? Or a faggot? If more men acted like women, there wouldn’t be so much violence like that.