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Movie Quote of the Day – La noire de… (Black Girl), 1966 (dir. Ousmane Sembene)


Diouana: Back in Dakar they must be saying: “Diouana is happy in France . . .She has a good life.” For me, France is the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and my bedroom. Where are the people who live in this country? The mistress told me: “You’ll see, Diouana, there are lovely shops in France.” Is France that black hole? What am I here? The cook? The cleaning woman? The washerwoman? And when the kids come, what else will I have to do? I’m alone. Did the mistress bring me here to shut me in? That’s why she was so nice to me in Dakar, giving me her old dresses, her old slips, her old shoes. I spend my life between the kitchen and my bedroom. Is that living in France?