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Movie Quote of the Day – La noire de… (Black Girl), 1966 (dir. Ousmane Sembene)


Diouana: Back in Dakar they must be saying: “Diouana is happy in France . . .She has a good life.” For me, France is the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and my bedroom. Where are the people who live in this country? The mistress told me: “You’ll see, Diouana, there are lovely shops in France.” Is France that black hole? What am I here? The cook? The cleaning woman? The washerwoman? And when the kids come, what else will I have to do? I’m alone. Did the mistress bring me here to shut me in? That’s why she was so nice to me in Dakar, giving me her old dresses, her old slips, her old shoes. I spend my life between the kitchen and my bedroom. Is that living in France?

Movie Quote of the Day – Krylya (Wings), 1966 (dir. Larisa Shepitko)


Shura: Before the war, I lived in Moscow. But after the evacuation, I found myself here. So it goes.
Nadezhda Petrukhina: I have friends in Moscow. I haven’t seen them in about five years.
Shura: It would be great to see Moscow.
Nadezhda Petrukhina: Funny thing is, sometimes I set down to write them a letter and nothing comes of it. There’s nothing interesting to write about. I feel I should make something up.
Shura: Nothing interesting in your life? I would never have thought.
Nadezhda Petrukhina: Seems like I’m always running around, but it’s all for nothing. There’s no pleasure in it for me or for anyone else. That’s the way it goes.
Shura: I don’t know. I enjoy life. It’s just a shame that time goes by so fast.

Movie Quote of the Day – How To Steal A Million, 1966 (dir. William Wyler)


Simon Dermott: Yes, that’s fine. That does it.
Nicole Bonnet: Does what?
Simon Dermott: Well, for one thing, it gives Givenchy a night off.

Female Filmmaker Friday: Sedmikrásky (Daisies), 1966 (dir. Věra Chytilová)

This is my 8th piece for Female Filmmaker Friday and I thought with the news of Věra Chytilová’s passing this week it would be the perfect time to discuss her seminal work of 1960s feminist film. Chytilová was an important member of the Czech New Wave and basically the only major voice of that movement to stay in her home country despite its harsh reception of subversive art and often being subjected to censorship and having her films banned in her own country. She’s a fascinating figure and deserves much more attention that she often gets.


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Movie Quote of the Day – The Fortune Cookie, 1966 (dir. Billy Wilder)


Harry Hinkle: Florida, Mustangs, foxes. . .how are we gonna pay for all this?
Willie Gingrich: Our credit is good.
Harry Hinkle: Don’t you think we better wait til we see some of that insurance money?
Willie Gingrich: Who waits nowadays? Take the government. When they shoot a billion dollars’ worth of hardware into space, it’s all on the Diners Club.

Movie Quote of the Day – Alfie, 1966 (dir. Lewis Gilbert)


Alfie: My understanding of women only goes as far as the pleasure. When it comes to the pain I’m like any other bloke – I don’t want to know.

Movie Quote of the Day – Georgy Girl, 1966 (dir. Silvio Narizzano)


James Leamington: Good God girl, what have you got on? A suit of armor, is it?
Georgy: That’s right. Protects my honor.

Movie Quote of the Day – Blow-Up, 1966 (dir. Michelangelo Antonioni)


Thomas: Don’t let’s spoil everything, we’ve only just met.
Jane: No, we haven’t met. You’ve never seen me.

Movie Quote of the Day – Harper, 1966 (dir. Jack Smight)


Lew Harper: The bottom is loaded with nice people, Albert. Only cream and bastards rise.

Movie Quote of the Day – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, 1966 (dir. Richard Lester)

Pseudolus: I say! You are in need of a soothsayer.
Erronius: How did you know?
Pseudolus: I’d be a fine soothsayer if I didn’t.