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Movie Quote of the Day – Dance, Girl, Dance, 1940 (dir. Dorothy Arzner)


Bubbles: I ain’t got an ounce of class, sugar, honest.

Movie Quote of the Day – Two Smart People, 1946 (dir. Jules Dassin)


Ace: There isn’t any kind of after for people like us. We’re a special kind of breed. We were born after the clock stopped. No yesterday, no tomorrow.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Dark Corner, 1946 (dir. Henry Hathaway)


Bradford Galt: Listen, if you don’t want to lose that stardust look in your eyes, get going while the door’s still open. If you stick around here, you’ll get grafters, shysters, two-bit thugs and maybe worse, maybe me.

Loving Lucy: Miss Grant Takes Richmond

I was going to write a lengthy post about my love for Lucy’s film Miss Grant Takes Richmond with William Holden, but as many of you know my internet connection has been non-existent for a few weeks now and my internetting has been limited to a few minutes every morning sitting on a bench in the freezing cold.

If you click the link on the title above you can read a review I wrote of the film for YAM Magazine. I wish I could have written more on the film, but I will say it is definitely worth your time if you can find it. The two of them are fantastic together. The ending is particularly fantastic. I wish I could have found a video of it to share with you.

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