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Movie Quote of the Day – A Woman’s Secret, 1949 (dir. Nicholas Ray)


Luke Jordan: You said something about “Ever since you came to New York.” Where do you come from?
Susan Caldwell: Azusa. Azusa, California.
Luke Jordan: Azusa?
Susan Caldwell: It’s kind of a made-up word. Different letters. They put them together. Everything from A to Z. USA. AZUSA.
Luke Jordan: I still don’t get it. What does the USA stand for?
Susan Caldwell: United States of America. Everybody knows that.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Great Flamarion, 1945 (dir. Anthony Mann)


Al Wallace: Honey, no matter what you do, you’re the only dame for me. You’re a bad habit I can’t cure, even if I wanted to.

Movie Quote of the Day – Dance, Girl, Dance, 1940 (dir. Dorothy Arzner)


Bubbles: I ain’t got an ounce of class, sugar, honest.

Movie Quote of the Day – Grand Hotel, 1932 (dir. Edmund Goulding)

Grusinskaya: I want to be alone.