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Movie Quote of the Day – The Good Earth, 1937 (dir. Sidney Franklin)


O-Lan: Look. We can go back. We can go back to the land.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Great Ziegfeld, 1936 (dir. Robert Z. Leonard)


Anna Held: [on the phone with Ziegfeld after learning of his marriage to Billie Burke] Hello, Flo. . .Yes. Here’s Anna. . .I’m so happy for you today, I could not help but calling you and congratulate you. . .Wonderful, Flo! Never better in my whole life!. . .I’m so excited about my new plans! I’m going to Paris. . .Yes, for a few weeks, and then I can get back, and then I’m doing a new show, and. . .Oh, it’s all so wonderful! I’m so happy!. . .Yes. . .And I hope you are happy, too. . .Yes?. . .Oh, I’m so glad for you, Flo. . .Sounds funny for ex-husband and ex-wife to tell how happy they are, oui?. . .Yes, Flo. . .Goodbye, Flo. . .Goodbye. . . [hangs up phone] Darling. . . [falls to her bed, sobbing].
Marie: Mon poor, petite! If you love him so, why did you divorce him?
Anna Held: Because I thought. . . .it would bring him back to me. I was sure that it would bring him back to me.