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Movie Quote of the Day – The Great Ziegfeld, 1936 (dir. Robert Z. Leonard)


Anna Held: [on the phone with Ziegfeld after learning of his marriage to Billie Burke] Hello, Flo. . .Yes. Here’s Anna. . .I’m so happy for you today, I could not help but calling you and congratulate you. . .Wonderful, Flo! Never better in my whole life!. . .I’m so excited about my new plans! I’m going to Paris. . .Yes, for a few weeks, and then I can get back, and then I’m doing a new show, and. . .Oh, it’s all so wonderful! I’m so happy!. . .Yes. . .And I hope you are happy, too. . .Yes?. . .Oh, I’m so glad for you, Flo. . .Sounds funny for ex-husband and ex-wife to tell how happy they are, oui?. . .Yes, Flo. . .Goodbye, Flo. . .Goodbye. . . [hangs up phone] Darling. . . [falls to her bed, sobbing].
Marie: Mon poor, petite! If you love him so, why did you divorce him?
Anna Held: Because I thought. . . .it would bring him back to me. I was sure that it would bring him back to me.

Movie Quote of the Day – Broadway Serenade, 1939 (dir. Robert Z. Leonard)


Mary: Time will pass faster than a two-week vacation.
James: I’ll hold my breath until you get back.
Mary: Isn’t it awful? I can’t imagine any place without you. I can’t even remember any place without you.

Movie Quote of the Day – In the Good Old Summertime, 1949 (dir. Robert Z. Leonard)


Veronica Fisher: Psychologically, I’m very confused, but personally I feel just wonderful.

Oscar Vault Monday – The Divorcee, 1930 (dir. Robert Z. Leonard)

While I think the Academy definitely made the right choice with their Best Picture winner for the 1929/1930 season (this was before they gave out their awards according to calendar years), there were a few films that year that are way too much fun to ever be forgotten. One of those films was the 1930 film The Divorcee, starring “The Queen of MGM” – Norma Shearer. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards, winning one:Best Writing, Best Actress Norma Shearer (won), Best Director, Best Picture. The other nominees that year were The Big House, Disraeli, The Love Parade and winner All Quite on the Western Front.

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