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Movie Quote of the Day – Cluny Brown, 1946 (dir. Ernst Lubitsch)


Adam Belinski: What made you think you were out of place?
Cluny Brown: Oh, I didn’t think I was. It’s Uncle Arn. He’s always telling me, “Cluny Brown, you don’t know your place. Think of your place. Cluny Brown, you ought to learn your place.”
Adam Belinski: Where does Uncle Arn think your place is?
Cluny Brown: He didn’t say.
Adam Belinski: Because he doesn’t know. Nobody can tell you where your place is. Where is my place? Where is anybody’s place? I’ll tell you where it is. Wherever you’re happy, that’s your place. And happiness is a matter of purely personal adjustment to your environment. You’re the sole judge. In Hyde Park, for instance. Some people like to feed nuts to the squirrels. But if it makes you happy to feed squirrels to the nuts, who am I to say nuts to the squirrels?

Movie Quote of the Day – The Rescuers Down Under, 1990 (dir. Hendel Butoy, Mike Gabriel)

McLeach: [realizes he has one less egg] Did you take one of my eggs?  [Joanna, with an egg in her shut mouth, shakes her head no]  Open your mouth. [Joanna opens her mouth, moving the egg on her tongue to the side. McLeach sees it anyway] These are NOT… Joanna Eggs! [he closes the egg box]