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Movie Quote of the Day – Your Sister’s Sister, 2012 (dir. Lynn Shelton)


Iris: You hate all of the guys I’ve been out with. You’ve hated all of the them.
Jack: The problem is you have great taste in life and you have terrible taste in men.


Movie Quote of the Day – The One I Love, 2014 (dir. Charlie McDowell)


Sophie: This is something that we’ve been talking about in therapy. Exploring new options, creating a new relationship Not going back to the past and re-creating old things that happened but starting with new things.
Ethan: Yeah. Point taken.
Sophie: I know that this is sort of extreme.
Ethan: I didn’t imagine this sort of new thing.
Sophie: Absolutely, but. . .
Ethan: I imagined like horseback riding with a little satchel of wine, you know? Not exploring other dimensions in some weird version of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?