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Movie Quote of the Day – Mean Girls, 2004 (dir. Mark Waters)


Karen: On Wednesdays we wear pink!


Movie Quote of the Day – Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, 2009 (dir. Mark Waters)


Uncle Wayne: One day you’re gonna wake up with some chick, spooning, you know, thinking about love. And at that moment, you have gotta get up. You do not walk, You do not get your shoes, run the hell out of there. Because maybe not the next day or the next week, but sometime in the future, you’re gonna get crushed. Again. And you don’t wanna feel that way, do you?
Teenage Connor: No.
Uncle Wayne: No.
Connor Mead: Yep.

Movie Quote of the Day – Head Over Heels, 2001 (dir. Mark Waters)


Candi: If you say you’re not interested in him, why are you watching him?
Amanda: I’m not. Well, I am, but only to prove to you that he has some huge flaw.
Candi: How do you know that?
Amanda: Because I’m attracted to him.

Movie Quote of the Day – Just Like Heaven, 2005 (dir. Mark Waters)

Elizabeth Masterson: David?
David Abbott: What?
Elizabeth Masterson: Tell him thank you.
David Abbott: We’re really grateful, Jack.
Jack Houriskey: I’m not doin’ it for you.
David Abbott: Then why are you doing it?
Jack Houriskey: Because someday, trust me, I’m gonna need help movin’ a body. When that day comes, I don’t wanna hear any shit from you.

Movie Quote of the Day – Freaky Friday, 2003 (dir. Mark Waters)

Tess (in Anna’s body): I look like Stevie Nicks.
Anna (in Tess’s body): Who’s he?