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Movie Quote of the Day – Herbie: Fully Loaded, 2005 (dir. Angela Robinson)


Trip Murphy: Your grandfather was one of the greatest to ever hit the track. He’s the reason I got into racing. I gotta believe that it’s hardwired into your DNA. Heck, your dad oughta get Ray out of #56 and put you behind the wheel.
Maggie Peyton: How many women drivers have actually won a major NASCAR championship?
Trip Murphy: Well, it only takes one person to blaze a trail.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Canyons, 2013 (dir. Paul Schrader)


Christian: Would you fuck him?
Tara: What did you just fucking ask me?
Christian: I said, “Would. . .you. . .fuck. . .him?”
Tara: [scoffs] No. . .I. . .wouldn’t. I’ve dated actors in the past and I have two words for them: never again.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Parent Trap, 1998 (dir. Nancy Meyers)

Hallie: You wanna know the *real* difference between us?
Annie: Let me see… I know how to fence and you don’t… Or I have class and you don’t. Take your pick.
Hallie: Why I oughta!

Movie Quote of the Day – Freaky Friday, 2003 (dir. Mark Waters)

Tess (in Anna’s body): I look like Stevie Nicks.
Anna (in Tess’s body): Who’s he?