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Black History Month: February 2016 in Films

So I had a pretty hectic month and thus I definitely did not keep up the pace of one film a day (this year is probably going to continue down that path). Before I get into the films I watched this month, I have some big news! This Friday, March 4th, is going to be my last day at Rotten Tomatoes! I have taken a job with Turner Classic Movies aka TCM aka the greatest thing to ever happen to movies! This means I will be relocating from Los Angeles to Atlanta. This also means things are going to be really, really hectic in March (and maybe April!) and thus I am going on a bit of a hiatus after this post. What that means: no Movie Quote of the Day until I get settled. This could mean all of March, it could mean into April, it could mean less. I’m really not sure. I will, however, do a wrap-up post for March, although it may only be a handful of films. That said, I did watch several great films in February, and as always you can see the full list after the cut!


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Movie Quote of the Day – Nas: Time Is Illmatic, 2014 (dir. One9)


Nas: Early on my Pops told me, you know, “You’re gonna be the man of the house. I’m out.” My Moms told us, you know, “He’s still your father, he’s still loves you.” You know, all that story and it was like, I’m sure I wasn’t happy about it, but you know, to me, I’ve always been like, “That’s life. Keep pushing.”