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Movie Quote of the Day – Dead Ringer, 1964 (dir. Paul Henreid)


Edith Phillips: I have a cocktail lounge on Figueroa called Edie’s.
Margaret DeLorca: A cocktail lounge? Why didn’t you ask me–
Edith Phillips: For the fare out of town? That last time I left Los Angeles, you met me at the station with the glad news that you were pregnant and that Frank was marrying you.
Margaret DeLorca: Oh, but Edith, that was twenty years ago!
Edith Phillips: To be exact, eighteen!
Margaret DeLorca: You really hate me, don’t you? You’ve never forgiven me in all these years.
Edith Phillips: Why should I? Tell me why I should.
Margaret DeLorca: We’re sisters!
Edith Phillips: So we are. And to Hell with you!

Movie Quote of the Day – The Scar, 1948 (dir. Steve Sekely)


Freddie: You ran around. Good times, girls. You were special. You never followed the rules. There were no rules for you. Did you believe it? I think I wanted to see you get away with it. You were everything I wasn’t and everything I wanted to be. Everything we’d all like to be, only we know better. We don’t take the chances. We know sooner or later it always catches up with you.

Movie Quote of the Day – Now, Voyager, 1942 (dir. Irving Rapper)

Jerry Durrance: Will you be happy, Charlotte?
Charlotte Vale: Oh Jerry, don’t let’s ask for the moon. We have the stars.