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Final Predictions for the 83rd Academy Awards

This year has been a hard one to cope with, mostly because the race seemed pretty set early on and then changed so drastically about a month ago. I’d like to say a change like that is refreshing, but I just can’t because I don’t like how it’s changed. I, for one, agreed with the critics and precursors with their choice of The Social Network for Best Picture. Then the guilds came and changed everything and gave their top honors to The King’s Speech. I think I’m still a bit in shock from it all (and maybe a little bit in denial). So now, the day before the awards, I’ve got to make my final predictions and I find myself unable. My head says, “look at the wind, it’s blowing towards The King’s Speech,” but my heart is saying, “The Social Network is better, stick with it til the bitter end.” Long story short, after the cut you’ll see if I decided to go with my heart or with my head.

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