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Movie Quote of the Day – Union Station, 1950 (dir. Rudolph Maté)


Policeman: Nothin’s done right unless Tough Willy does it himself.
Lt. William Calhoun: How long you been working here?
Policeman:  Four weeks tomorrow, Lieutenant.
Lt. William Calhoun: You need twenty-five years before you’re eligible for a pension. . .and you won’t make it. Not if you ever call me Willy.

Movie Quote of the Day – D.O.A., 1950 (dir. Rudolph Maté)

Frank Bigelow: I want to report a murder.
Homicide Captain: Sit down. [beat] Where was this murder committed?
Frank Bigelow: San Francisco, last night.
Homicide Captain: Who was murdered?
Frank Bigelow: I was.