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Movie Quote of the Day – Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, 2008 (dir. Bharat Nalluri)


Delysia: [during an air-raid drill] Guinevere, I’m scared!
Guinevere Pettigrew: It’s just a drill, I’m sure it’s just a drill.
Delysia: But it won’t always be, will it? We’re going to war, aren’t we?
Guinevere Pettigrew: Yes we are. And that is why you must not waste a second of this precious life. Listen to me. Once I too had ambitions. Not your grand ones, simple ambitions. Marriage, children and a house of our own. He died, in the mud in France. A good, solid man. You would call him dull, no doubt, but he smiled whenever he saw me and we could’ve built a life on that. Your heart knows the truth, Delysia. Trust it.

Movie Quote of the Day – Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, 2011 (dir. Lasse Hallström)


Sheikh Muhammed: I’m a great admirer of the British for many reasons, but still there are mysteries to me. The rich are frightened of the poor. The poor are frightened of the rich. And even your politicians, they try to sound like the people on the EastEnders. A wonderful program, but still.
Dr. Alfred Jones: Yes, the great British class system.
Sheikh Muhammed: Indeed. But fishermen, I have noticed, they don’t care whether I’m brown or white, rich or poor, wearing robes or waders. All they care about is the fish, the river and the game we play. For fishermen, the only virtues are patience, tolerance and humility. I like this.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Full Monty, 1997 (dir. Peter Cattaneo)

Dave: Anti-wrinkle cream there may be, but anti-fat-bastard cream there is not.