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Movie Quote of the Day – Sleuth, 1972 (dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz)

Andrew Wyke: One black facemask, one black flat cap, a striped jersey and a bag marked “Swag”. 
Milo Tindle:
Why not a neon sign with “Burglar” on it?

The Oliviers Unhinged: A Streetcar Named Desire and Sleuth

Kendra over at Viv and Larry is hosting an Oliviers appreciation blogathon and I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to write about for my contribution for awhile. Laurence Olivier was nominated for eleven Academy Awards over a five decades (nine for Best Actor, one for Best Supporting Actor and one for Best Director), as well as receiving two honorary awards. His only competitive win was Best Actor for Hamlet (the film also won Best Picture). Vivien Leigh was only nominated for two Academy Awards over the years, both for Best Actress: Gone With The Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire. She won both times. Two were married for twenty years (it ended in divorce), made a handful of  films together and worked extensively together in the theater. Have you got all of that? So, obviously, there is a lot of material there and a lot of ways to approach writing about them, together or separately. I finally decided to take a look at two of their Oscar-nominated performances, in separate films, that touch on madness. Beware: there are quite a bit of spoilers after the cut.

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111 New-To-Me Films in a Month? I Don’t Call Myself A Fanatic For Nothing.

As I’ve said many times now, I work as a substitute teacher. But I’m only called in to work an average of 3 to 6 days a month. This leaves me A LOT of free time. I also recently got a DVR, which allows me to tape TCM (the best channel in the world) while I’m sleeping. So now it doesn’t matter when a film is being shown, if I want to watch it odds are I’ll watch it. Which brings me to my whopping new-to-me count for January. 111. Triple digits in one month. I’m pretty sure I’ve had some years where I didn’t even watch that many films in twelve months. I just really love film, okay? And I would love to watch every movie ever made. Well, maybe not every movie, but lots anyhow. After the cut I’ll post the entire list, as well as point out a few new favorites and do a breakdown by decade (spoiler alert: it’s mostly pre-70s films).

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