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Movie Quote of the Day – Stardust Memories, 1980 (dir. Woody Allen)

Sandy Bates: You guys gotta tell me, why is there so much human suffering?
Space Alien: This is unanswerable.
Sandy Bates: Is there a God?
Space Alien: These are the wrong questions.
Sandy Bates: Look, here’s my point, if nothing lasts why am I bothering to make films or do anything, for that matter?
Space Alien: We enjoy your films, particularly the early, funny ones.
Sandy Bates: But the human condition is so discouraging.
Space Alien: There are some nice moments, too.

My Love For Woody Allen: Week 1

I recently finished watching every single film Woody Allen has ever directed, as well as most of the ones he either wrote or just starred in, but didn’t direct. His latest film, Midnight In Paris, is set to open at the end of the month. Thus I have decided to write a little bit about all of his films up until its premiere. I’m not going to go very in-depth, mostly because of the sheer volume of his body of work. Also, I’m going to start with Take The Money and Run because that’s the first film he wrote and directed (but you should still give What’s New Pussycat? and What’s Up Tiger Lily a watch). Other films I won’t write about but suggest you watch include Play It Again, Sam (based on a play Allen wrote and starring Allen and Diane Keaton) and The Front (a really great look at the Hollywood blacklist). So for this first week I’m going to go through Stardust Memories and then pick up at A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy next week, etc. etc. Also, while you’re at it check out this handy dandy aStore I set up featuring all of Allen’s work.

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