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Movie Quote of the Day – Catch and Release, 2006 (dir. Susannah Grant)


Gray: You are not who I thought you were.
Fritz: Yeah, well, neither are you.

Movie Quote of the Day – 28 Days, 2000 (dir. Betty Thomas)


Night Tech: Can I help you?
Eddie Boone: [carrying Gwen in from outside] Eddie Boone, checking in.
Night Tech: You can’t bring a girl into treatment with you, Eddie.
Eddie Boone: I wasn’t gonna keep her.

Movie Quote of the Day – Erin Brockovich, 2000 (dir. Steven Soderbergh)

Ed Masry: What makes you think you can just walk in there and take whatever you want?
Erin Brockovich: They’re called boobs, Ed.

Movie Quote of the Day – Ever After, 1998 (dir. Andy Tennant)

Danielle: I would rather die a thousand deaths than see my mother’s dress on that spoiled, selfish cow!
Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent: Hmm. Perhaps we can arrange that.