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Movie Quote of the Day – La captive (The Captive), 2000 (dir. Chantal Akerman)


Ariane: I’m washing all over. I wouldn’t want my odors to bother you.
Simon: They don’t, on the contrary. On the contrary. On the contrary.
Ariane: On the contrary?
Simon: Yes. Especially those sweet changing odors between the legs.
Ariane: I’m afraid at times I smell too strong.
Simon: On the contrary. When you perspire ever so slightly, that moistness…
Ariane: You like that? I sometimes feel I smell so strong that it even bothers me and I want to clasp my legs together.
Simon: No, those are the best moments. Your vagina is so beautiful when moist. Yesterday, as you slept on my bed your peignoir came undone. . .and I looked at you. And I…parted your legs ever so slightly and looked at your beautiful vagina. Do you mind?
Ariane: Not at all. Do as you like.
Simon: And I breathed of it, so warm and tender.
Ariane: Really?
Simon: Yes, my Ariane. If it weren’t for my allergy and all the pollen you bring in I almost wish you’d never wash.
Ariane: Never?
Simon: Not so often.

Movie Quote of the Day – Return To Me, 2000 (dir. Bonnie Hunt)


Bob Rueland: Would you go out with me?
Grace Briggs: Yes?
Bob Rueland: Is that a question?
Grace Briggs: No, it’s a yes. Yes.
Bob Rueland: Tomorrow night?
Grace Briggs: Yes.
Bob Rueland: Eight o’clock?
Grace Briggs: Yes.
Bob Rueland: Pick you up here?
Grace Briggs: Yes.
Bob Rueland: My, you’re a very difficult woman.

Movie Quote of the Day – Pay It Forward, 2000 (dir. Mimi Leder)


Trevor McKenney: I think some people are too scared, or something. I guess it’s hard for people who are so used to things the way they are – even if they’re bad – to change. ‘Cause they kind of give up. And when they do, everybody kind of loses.

Movie Quote of the Day – Wildflowers, 2000 (dir. Melissa Painter)


Sabine: When I die, I want a funeral pyre.

Movie Quote of the Day – Me Myself I, 2000 (dir. Pip Karmel)


Pamela Drury: What happened? Well?
Pamela Dickson: I guess I had to find out.
Pamela Drury: Find out what?
Pamela Dickson: What would have happened if I had said no to Robert. Do you think I never wondered? What if I hadn’t had children? What it would feel like to have my own time, my own money, my own bed. What it would be like to sit down and read a whole book or a whole chapter or even a whole page without being interrupted. To remember who I am, not “Darling” or “Mummy” or “Dummy” or “Mum.” Just me. Pamela.

Movie Quote of the Day – Girlfight, 2000 (dir. Karyn Kusama)


Hector: Inside, you know yourself?
Diana Guzman: Yeah. I do.
Hector: Then that’s all you need.

Movie Quote of the Day – Le goût des autres (The Taste of Others), 2000 (dir. Agnès Jaoui)


Manie: Does it hurt?
Jean-Jacques Castella: Yeah.
Manie: It’s okay. It’ll go away.
Jean-Jacques Castella: I hope so.

Movie Quote of the Day – Shadow of the Vampire, 2000 (dir. E. Elias Merhige)


F.W. Murnau: Frankly, Count, I find this composition unworkable. Could you return to your original mark, please? If it’s not in frame, it doesn’t exist.

Movie Quote of the Day – What Women Want, 2000 (dir. Nancy Meyers)


Darcy McGuire: What kind of knight in shining armor would I be if the man I love needs rescuing and I just let him walk out my door?
Nick Marshall: My hero.

Movie Quote of the Day – Reindeer Games, 2000 (dir. John Frankenheimer)


Jumpy: It says here the retail industry does 50% of its business between December 1st and December 25th. That’s half a year’s business in one month’s time. It seems to me, an intelligent country would legislate a second such gift giving holiday. Create, say, a Christmas 2, late May, early June, to further stimulate growth.