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Movie Quote of the Day – Matchstick Men, 2003 (dir. Ridley Scott)


Angela: She said you were a bad guy. You don’t seem like a bad guy.
Roy: That’s what makes me good at it.

Movie Quote of the Day – Ravenous, 1999 (dir. Antonia Bird)


Knox: What are you cooking?
Ives: It’s, uh. . .stew.
Knox: You need any help?
Ives: No, no. Though, perhaps later you might. . .contribute.
Knox: You let me know.

Movie Quote of the Day – Ocean’s Eleven, 2001 (dir. Steven Soderbergh)

Frank: Want me to get on the table and dance? Shine your shoes? Smile at you? You sure won’t let me deal the cards. You might as well call it White Jack!