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Movie Quote of the Day – La captive (The Captive), 2000 (dir. Chantal Akerman)


Ariane: I’m washing all over. I wouldn’t want my odors to bother you.
Simon: They don’t, on the contrary. On the contrary. On the contrary.
Ariane: On the contrary?
Simon: Yes. Especially those sweet changing odors between the legs.
Ariane: I’m afraid at times I smell too strong.
Simon: On the contrary. When you perspire ever so slightly, that moistness…
Ariane: You like that? I sometimes feel I smell so strong that it even bothers me and I want to clasp my legs together.
Simon: No, those are the best moments. Your vagina is so beautiful when moist. Yesterday, as you slept on my bed your peignoir came undone. . .and I looked at you. And I…parted your legs ever so slightly and looked at your beautiful vagina. Do you mind?
Ariane: Not at all. Do as you like.
Simon: And I breathed of it, so warm and tender.
Ariane: Really?
Simon: Yes, my Ariane. If it weren’t for my allergy and all the pollen you bring in I almost wish you’d never wash.
Ariane: Never?
Simon: Not so often.