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Movie Quote of the Day – The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, 1976 (dir. Nicolas Gessner)


Rynn: This is my house.
Mrs. Hallet: You are an extraordinarily rude little girl, who’s going to do exactly as I say.
Rynn: Last week you took the only good grapes we have and now the crab apples. And you never asked if you might. And today you just walked bang into my house!
Mrs. Hallet: This is not your house!
Rynn: My house!
Mrs. Hallet: Leased. You’re  thirteen. Why aren’t you in school?
Rynn: Thirteen means I have no rights, is that it?
Mrs. Hallet:  Thirteen means you should be in school.

April Showers, 117 Films, One Film Festival and Finishing Off Woody Allen

This month was a bit of a slow month for me. Lots of subbing and I spent the last few days at the TCM Classic Film Festival, so I had less time to watch films than previous months. You can see my month-in-review for January, February and March here. I watched a lot of great Ray Milland films this month (thank you TCM), some “Classic Cerebral Foreign Films” (or, that’s what Netflix calls them), as well as several of Georges Méliès short films. Last month I saw films from 11 different decades, this month I trumped that and saw films from all 13 decades that there have been films! I mean by that, at least one film from the 1890s-2010s; see the following list for a breakdown by decade. Oh, and I also (finally) finished watching all of Woody Allen’s directorial filmography. Starting in May I’m going to do an extensive look at his body of work leading up to the release of his 43rd feature Midnight In Paris.

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